Mini Facial

This Short and Sweet facial is designed for anyone on the go. It includes your basic skin care needs with lasting results.

$50 | 30 minutes


Eminence Organic Facial

Ingredients so fresh you can see and smell the fresh fruit pulps. Each facial is custom designed to meet your skin care needs. Choose from clearing, firming, calming and firming

$100 | 60 minutes


Eminence Organic Advanced Acne Treatment Facial

This three-step system is designed to treat and prevent acne utilizing a combination of time-release encapsulated salicylic acid and powerful natural and botanical actives.  It helps in skin conditions associated with acne including excess oil, hyperpigmentation and scarring, plus proactively prevents against future breakouts.
Purchase the Eminence Acne Advanced Clarifying Kit and receive a FREE Acne Advanced Facial! 

$75 | 45 minutes

Buy your Eminence Organic Advanced Acne Treatment Kit online and receive FREE shipping and a gift with each purchase!



What if you could target aging, hyperpigmentation as well as sensitive, rosacea, and acne-prone skin in just 3 steps? Now you can do all that and awaken the skin's inner beauty with the new Arctic Berry Illuminating Collection. This innovative three-step peel and peptide system allows you to offer professional treatments supported by an at-home routine to give skin a completely fresh start. The 3-step at-home treatment will keep skin radiant between spa treatments. Enzymes in the Arctic Berry Enzyme Exfoliant break down dead skin cells on the surface facilitating better penetration of the Arctic Berry Advanced Peel Activator. This self-neutralizing peel will reveal clearer, smoother and more even skin! Finish with the soothing Arctic Berry Peptide Radiance Cream for maximum luminosity. Weekly use of this system will prolong and support results of professional treatments.

$60 | 1 treatment 35 minutes

$330 | 16 treatments (4 professional treatments & 12-week at-home kit)


Yam & Pumpkin OR Pineapple Enzyme Peel

This all-natural, non-chemical gentle botanical peel will refine skin texture, diminish fine lines, hyperpigmentation and nourish your skin with vitamins and antioxidants. A series of peels will provide the maximum results without the irritation or damage of traditional chemical peels. Choose from Yam & Pumpkin or Pineapple.

$60 | 35 minutes



Gently remove the top layer of your skin to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion add allowing for greater penetration of facial products, stimulates new skin growth and removes vellus hair.

45 min | $65


Microdermabrasion Facial

Smooth, refine and refresh with microdermabrasion followed by a masque to soothe your skin. Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive cosmetic technique designed to remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis to smooth, refine, and refresh. It is perfect for dull and congesting skin, acne and pigmentation challenges, sun damage, and superficial scars. The service ends with a masque to soothe and calm your skin.

$120 | 75 minutes

Microderm Results Series

$600 | 6 treatments


Gentlemen’s Facial

Using all natural organic products, this facial is designed for the special needs of a man’s skin to relieve irritation caused by razors, ingrown hairs, and exposure to nature. This treatment will help you relax with an arm and hand massage.

$85 | 45 minutes


DERMed Clinical Skincare products contains no parabens, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulfates, phthalates, artifical dyes or synthetic fragarances.  DERMed Clinical Skincare offers immediate, visible improvements in your skin and is available to treat a variety of skin types and conditons:

* RENEWING for aging skin with fine lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity.  Stimulating skin cell renewal combined with making healthy lifestyle choices rejuvenates and preserves your youthful appearance.
*BRIGHTENING for hyperpigmentation (brown spots, sun damage, and photo-aging).  Removing discolored, damaged skin cells combined with protecting your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays evens skin tones and prevents future discoloraton for a vibrant, healthy glow.
*SOOTHING for sensitive (redness and rosacea) skin.  Neutralizing redness combined with avoiding sun exposure, wind, cold weather, alchohol, spicy foods, and harsh skincare products can help reduce inflammatory skin symptoms for a calm, comforable, complexion. 
*CLARIFYING for acne (blacheads, pimples and pustules).  Decongesting clogged poress combines with routine skin hygiene practices prevents the buildup of bacterial for clear, blemish-free skin tone and texture.
*ENHANCING - Clinical skincare line include makeup remover. superficial exfoliators, eye, lip and neck treatments  and body products.  Suitable for all skin types on conditions.

DERMed Pumpkin Peel
Clean up your skin and make it glow!
Formulated with highly conentrated Vitamin A, the Pumpkin Peel provides a mild retinoic acid benefit by accelerating exfoliation and lightening hyperpigmentation.  It's the perfect treat to help detoxify congested skin from summertime exposure.  This peel works expecially well to alleviate excessive oil and active acne.

DERMed Fundamental Facial Treatment
This results-oriented facial introduces you to a clinical skincare line with clinical strength ingredients.  Following  a skin analysis, your facial will be custmized to your individual skincare needs and concerns.  

DERMed Advanced Facial Treatment
This advanced facial treatment is desined for clients who are on a regime of DERMed Clincal Skin Care prodcts.  Following re-evaluation of your skin, professional only peels are targeted toward individual skin type and condition are used to acheive greater results. 


Back Renewal

De-stress your muscles and cleanse the skin of impurities with this purifying and relaxing back treatment. A deeply-cleansing scrub sloughs off dead cells, readying skin for the removal of toxins.

$80 | 45 minutes